Selected Finalist Outback Art Prize, Australia 2015

LynAhmat_Outback Heat Shimmer_2015 (2)

Outback Heat Shimmer

This painting was made from my memory of an outback trip through western Qld, through the Kimberley, down the Canning, Simpson Desert and back home to Brisbane.  On some days, the landscape gave way to a heat shimmer in the distance and odd imperceptible shapes would float above the horizon.  It made an indelible mark on my consciousness.

Landscape painting to me is a medium through which I can express my inner response to feelings for nature. I am seduced by sensual colours, the light and patterns.  I use a variety of techniques and materials to create a sense of rhythm and energy of the landscape. I try to capture the spirit of time and place, its particular mood with attention to colour, space and texture and the beauty of light and how it defines the surface of land, sky, or water.